Balanita ERP System


Balanita ERP

ERP is very important for an organization to connect every layers of the business and to create a healthy relationship in the business. It acts as a technology backbone to fulfill all the requirements of an organization. Each and every business operation including from supply chain management, to customer self-service and e-commerce have to link into your ERP solution. A well organized ERP system facilitates the managers, customers, partners, employees and vendors to get the required information when they really need. A robust ERP system brings many advantages such as increasing the operating efficiency, reducing the cost, and helping in good decision making and improving good communication. These will ultimately bring more profit and improve growth of the business.

Balanita ERP Module

Sales Management

Sales Management is mainly dealt with the functionality for the sales and its execution to increase the revenue of the business

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting maintains the financial report of real estate transaction with all the necessary financial information

Project Management

Project Management provides project information including requirements,budgets and suppliers.

Lease & Maintenance

Lease and Maintenance Management is associated with organizing lease functions of a real estate project

Marketing (CRM)

Management of marketing is responsible to provide different solutions for the whole marketing process

Purchase & Inventory

Purchase and Inventory is associated with keeping inventory during purchasing and financing for construction materials

Contractor Management

Contractor Management helps to build and maintain a better relationship with different contractors of the business

HR & Payroll

Management of HR and Payroll helps to manage all the data of an organization and its requirement


Steel Tube & Pipe

Balanita ERP software is the ideal choice for the steel tube and pipe industry as it fulfills all the specific needs of steel tube industry segments

Hot & Cold Rolling Mills

Balanita seems to be the first choice for the manufacturers of cold rolled products. The main reasons behind this is low cost production and operation efficiency

Hospitals, Clinics and Spa

Balanita ERP is an integrated management system for the hospitals to manage all the process of OPD, emergency, blood bank, doctors and patients

Warehouse and Logistics

Balanita EPR helps in automating the operations such as temperature and cold chains, space utilization, storage space management etc.

Paper Products

Balanita ERP plays an important role in almost all paper product companies such as printing, label making, slitting, rotary, roll making etc.

Steel Fabrication

ERP software of Balanita provides a simple solution for steel fabrication manufacturers by meeting the orders on time and on budget


Many opportunities will be achieved by Balanita ERP because of increasing efficiency, reducing cost and quick business decision making

Plastic Moulding

Balanita ERP helps to meet the demands by facilitating the processes from injection molding, extrusion to compounding and thermoforming

Pharma & Chemicals

Balantina provides solution with more concern on supply chain management, SFA, HRMS, depot and doctors

Food Industries

Balantina ERP software is widely used to integrated mills, mini-mills and rolling mills because of its different capabilities


  • Opitimize Inventory Level
  • Improve Production Efficiency / Reduce Downtime
  • Speed Up Order Processing
  • Bird Eyeview of Your Business
  • Bringing in total transparency to the top Management, eliminating chances of human errors/ manipulation.
  • Reduce the redundant and overlapping activities that waste time and money by standardizing core procedures.
  • Simplify Data Management: Eliminate data silos by creating a single, centralized repository of timely, accurate business data.
  • Enhance control over business operations.
  • Facilitate more efficient completion of day-to-day tasks.
  • Stream Line Businees Process
  • Compress Time Cycles.
  • Increasing efficiency of people by providing all information under restricted environment.
  • Project based accounting and costing gives you an excellent control over project costs and budgets.
  • Access to real time central repository of critical information for making knowledge based decision.


Customizable Reports

True Workflow System

Low total cost of ownership

Multiple Business Units and Locations

Scalable and Customizable according to your needs

Highly User-friendly (can be used by most novice users)

Powerful Security Features ,Complete Audit Log and History of Transactions

Escalations and Approvals

Single Integrated Solution

Adaptable to changing requirements

Daily, Weekly Auto emails of Important MIS

Dash board & Bird Eye View (Drill Down) of Reports

Fully Automated Service Tax , TDS (Deduction & Reports), Sales Tax and VAT

Rapid Deployment as bulk of the solution is pre-configured to suite requirements.

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