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Cloud Based Clinic Management System For Doctors who need to manage their personal Clinic from anywhere and any device!


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Balanita Clinic Management System

Balanita Clinic is transforming the healthcare experience with the industry’s most modern, flexible and powerful cloud-based platform. Our mission, therefore, is to re-platform healthcare with modern, cloud-based solutions. Our open platform is intended to help providers maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices, while connecting and collaborating directly with patients in support of better care.

Balanita Clinic Management System provides a comprehensive solution to all your clinic related problems. It focuses on what matters the most and that is caring for your patients. Patient care is of top most priority and no leniency is allowed when it comes to patient care. Our clinic management Cloud Software provides you with functionalities which helps in increasing your revenue and reducing the paperwork. It streamlines your day’s activities and appointments and provides a real-time feedback so you can easily manage your clinic. Its fast and intuitive interface increases the user satisfaction thus resulting in an overall improved work environment.



It provides online and walk-in Patient Registration.

Online and Assisted Patient Registration

Doctor Dashboard

Patient/Doctor Data privacy & security

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Doctor and search facility

Diagnostic upload

Alerts & Warnings

Patient History

Benefits of Clinic Management System

  • Ease of usage
  • Improved services are provided to patients using health care facilities and physicians.
  • Patient processing is fastened
  • Cost and expense control incurred by related groups
  • Operational control is improved.
  • Quality care is also improved.
  • All operations are streamlined.
  • Response time is improved
  • Effective Pharmacy Medical Stock Management
  • Nursing productivity is increased.
  • Clinic records are maintained along with their fast retrieval with Balanita Cloud Servers.
  • It provides with powerful security features
  • Preservation of Historical data as well as inquiry and display.
  • In order to prevent loss of data test results are electronically stored.
  • It provides with facilities to save time of lab professionals.
  • Electronic Dynamic Reporting

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