Hospital Management System



e-Hospy is an Cloud Hospital Administration and Management Information System for Health Care organizations.

e-Hospy have a capability of data warehousing and business intelligence for consistent growth of organization and hospital system automation to significantly decrease manpower with greater accuracy.

With responsive system first time used in any hospital system yet and Mobile / Tablet Versions supported e-Hospy is Designed in such a way that it can support any type Hospital (Speciality or General Hospital).


Access anywhere Mobile, Tablet, PC, Laptop.

General Hospital Emailing system

Automated Hospital Process (Patient queue process in each department).

Patient-centered approach, User-friendly, easy-to-use & web enabled applications

Multi-level distributed hospital information system, Security & privacy (authentication, authorization, privacy policy)

Single enterprise warehouse data store, Robustness, reliability, performance

Scalability & portability (open modular architecture, declared interfaces, etc)

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