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We will examine your web analytics data to ensure that it’s both accurate and robust. Your optimization efforts don’t stand a chance if you can’t gain insights from your reports.


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Whether your site is a simple lead generation site or a shopping/ecommerce site, you need to understand how well your site is working to achieve your business goals. Unfortunately if you do not have a Web analytics service, it is very challenging to know how to improve your site to achieve your business goals.

Why you need Analytics?
Our web analytics experts have in-depth, advanced understanding of how to customize and analyze web analytics data across a wide range of tools


Website Analytics Audit

  • Identify basic problems with your installation or data collection
  • Make sure the data you are collecting is accurate and useful

If your Analytics implementation is incomplete or inaccurate – or hasn’t been set up to report on your marketing channels – the insights you are getting are wrong and are leading you to inaccurate conclusions. The Balanita Website Analytics Audit will make sure you’re set up to receive actionable business insights from your data.

A Web site analytics service can provide answers to business questions such as:

  • Analyze your website data to understand visitor behavior trends across your site and identify challenges and opportunities
  • Report visitor behavior across your site and identify areas for improvement, focusing on:
  • Visitor Demographics
  • Finding Methods (how visitors arrived at the site)
  • Popular Content
  • Navigation through the site
  • Identify where you are losing visitors and potential conversions
  • Provide high-level strategies for improving your website’s performance

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