Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Software for managing your business

The Balanita ERP is one of the best web based tool for managing the infrastructure of any modern company, automating financial and logistics management functions and more…

Balanita ERP System

ERP is very important for an organization to connect every layers of the business and to create a healthy relationship in the business. It acts as a technology backbone to fulfill all the requirements of an organization. Each and every business operation including from supply chain management, to customer self-service and e-commerce have to link into your ERP solution. A well organized ERP system facilitates the managers, customers, partners, employees and vendors to get the required information when they really need. A robust ERP system brings many advantages such as increasing the operating efficiency, reducing the cost, and helping in good decision making and improving good communication. These will ultimately bring more profit and improve growth of the business.

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    Cloud Based Balanita ERP System

    We build cloud based app which can splendor on all Mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices and you can access your data anywhere any device

    Balanita ERP Module

    Sales Module

    Sales Management is mainly dealt with the functionality for the sales and its execution to increase the revenue of the business

    Purchase & Inventory Module

    Purchase and Inventory is associated with keeping inventory during purchasing and financing for materials.

    Manufacturing / Production module

    Complete the inventory management by implementing the operations specific to a streamlined manufacturing process.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    It helps to boost the sales performance through better customer service & establishing the healthy relationship with customers.

    Project Management

    Project Management provides project information including requirements,budgets and suppliers.

    Human Resource Module(HR)

    Management of HR and Payroll helps to manage all the data of an organization and its requirement

    Finance & Accounting module

    This module keeps track of all account related transactions like expenditures, Balance  sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, tax management etc.

    Marketing Module

    It allows marketing to effectively integrate sales, service processes and present customers a single professional image of the company.

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    It manages the flow of product items from manufacturer to consumer & consumer to manufacturer.

    Balanita ERP System

    The One Management Information System a Company Need!

    Balanita ERP – A process by which a company manages and integrates the important parts of its business.

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