Ecommerce Services

The collection of an attractive interface, great UX and perfect customer services can only lead an online business toward its success. Your platform should be everything for all the people. So, we are with you to offer a wide range of services in accomplishing all your E-commerce and enterprise needs.

Multichannel Commerce

We have consistent experience in providing multichannel commerce solutions which bring you a single, centralized view of your products and data. All you have to do is the simplest thing. You simply have to manage, edit and process your entire online business being from one platform.

We create you a platform that makes you and your customer easy, comfortable and more effective online business.

  • Smoothly and continuously edit and maintain all content, images and digital objects
  • Effectively manage and process orders from multiple channels from one platform
  • Manage attributes including category, price, promotion, eligibility, language, geography etc by utilizing a range of tools
  • Develop cross-channel user experience, giving your customer a view about your company
  • Produce specific catalogues or sites per enterprise or reseller by enabling down-channel selling

Managed Services

We ensure to manage E-commerce platform within your business being a supporting team and giving you the guidance or proper solutions related to E-commerce issues behind your business. You will definitely feel happy and contended with our E-commerce solutions.

We are always ready to assist your business rectifying your E-commerce concerns irrespective of the size of your business or the resources you have. We can develop an E-commerce platform aiming to fulfill your future business requirements and commitments in such a way it would create you a unique market and support the growth of your business.

  • Make use of our team with intensively experienced engineering staff to carry out your day-to-day E-commerce operations perfectly
  • Be connected with our team in order to prevent the arising E-commerce concerns and ensure the smooth growth of your business
  • Be smart to select our team to provide support for your business which lacks enterprise-class software skills and resources. We will be there to assist you from the day one
  • Select the ideal choice for your company where IT has a blockage of priorities. We can give you solutions and keep your company running fast within 2-3 months
  • Concentrate on your core competencies and competitive innovations only. The rest will be taken over by our team. We assist you to manage hardware, software, IT staff and all operations saving your capital expenses. We create a platform to improve your business capabilities
  • Avoid spending money on additional expensive products. Our platform consists of highly ranked master data/ product content management and order management.

Bespoke Ecommerce

Not all the business or the customers are the same. So, we provide tailored E-commerce solutions, customized to your business and market. We are highly experienced in studying your current and future business requirements and be memorable with your business forever.

We can quickly and effectively produce fully bespoke E-commerce solutions understanding your business requirements.

  • We can help you to define your business goals and develop E-commerce solution for your current and future business. Future-proof E-commerce approach
  • We have the comprehensive suite of tools to tailor everything on the spot. Nothing else is needed much. So, we could plan, design, implement, manage and monitor the E-commerce website we develop
  • We are so special in moving forward the business and create a high quality work. Unlike the traditional system integrators spending so much of time and money on unwanted tasks, we straightly get into the business

Responsive E-commerce

E-commerce platform should be updated according to the changes in your business. It is foremost important to keep concern on all your online business operations and functions. So, we offer suitable E–commerce solutions for your business establishing a user-friendly situation. Your online experiences have to be showcased to a new generation of consumer through a tablet, Smartphone, iOS device or Android phone.

We concentrate carefully on the user’s mobile experience. We ensure that the online presence is click-friendly for the users (User-centric approach).

  • The images in the website will be designed with minimum loading time to reduce the data cost of the users and facilitate them to experience the speed access
  • All the sites are designed to fit to any screen size. So, there is no need to zoom in or out the page
  • Key information are easily accessible ensuring a sound mobile visitor flow, site architecture and UX alternatives

Ecommerce Mobile App

E-commerce industry has rapidly improved and is operated by a Smartphone. People of today become so advance doing shopping by browsing on their mobile to make them easy. They don’t prefer visiting shops and move across the shelves to purchase their needful. So, we should also go parallel to their current trend.

Our E-commerce mobile application services include:

  • Seamless access to mobile data while on the move
  • Easy navigation and checkout post items bagged
  • Powerful features of mobile marketing
  • Quick ordering and cart management
  • Highly secure payment methods and user control
  • Customized key features of desktop site into mobile app

Our main focus is to offer high quality output and contended service to our clients.

Strategy & Planning

The main target of E-commerce websites is to create a healthy and effective business while expanding the brand all over. So, E-commerce websites should be designed in a way that can be a lucrative retail channel and provide a branded look for your clients.

Only you have to do is to find a suitable partner who can easily understand your business and the current online potentials in business. It may be the cases of launching a new E-commerce website or re-platforming an existing website or update your current online presence. The partner should work hard along with you to improve the targeted online retail strategy, defines indicators to monitor and measure the results accurately and design the site that can pleasantly fulfill all the requirements. Further, the role of the partner is not restricted only to know about website design and development but to have knowledge regarding project management, business analysis, search engine marketing, information architecture, user interface  and quality control.

Design & User Experience

The success of an online business is defined how a site looks like and performs. Branding and identity among the customers are vital for a business. Our team is fully equipped with highly experienced digital designers and usability specialists to develop a site that can improve the sales and lead to the growth of the business.

  • Tap into an expert in-house design and usability team. We can create an online identity and experience
  • We are capable to make the customers move forward into the business through well-designed sites
  • Each concept is fully mapped out and explored to test new branding ideas and approaches
  • We ensure to stand out your unique products and brand attributes among the customers.
  • Designing a business site is not only dealt with the colors and fonts. We develop a design for business site in a way it can create trust and loyalty among the customers
  • E-commerce, mobile, social and retail brand identities altogether play an exclusive part in your business image. So we take care each of them are partnered to the next

Fast Deployment

It is very important to keep more attention to find the opportunities crossing when we are moving fast. Our speed process is an evidence for our skill and understanding about the E-commerce industry. We believe in iteration and adapting your solutions to new issues and possibilities.

We can take over your online business to the other step and on the right path through the continuous product innovation and new feature implementation.

  • We are very fast in implementing our projects comparing with other enterprise E-commerce platform providers. It takes only 2-3 months for us to implement it
  • We assist you along every step of the way by providing expert advice and guidance. You can feel free to clarify your questions and doubts
  • We are not working alone. We closely work with our clients to find the best opportunities and possibilities in their markets.

Payment Gateway Integration

E-commerce platform is a chapter in your whole online business. Apart from this, Google applications, marketing and sale tools, payment processing etc should be joined together to deliver a full-fledge online experience. We, being enterprise class specialists are very well experienced in this aspect.

We develop the platform ensuring the integrity with most systems within the online business environment. We focus to develop E-commerce platform in a simple and easy way understanding its role in the wide business world.

  • We can integrate with widely used systems being an enterprise class E-commerce platform
  • We can handle a wide range of operations starting from warehousing, shipping, fulfilling payment to accounting and CRM programs
  • We will be there with you throughout the integration period to provide continuous support and guidance ensuring all the processes are going on the right track


Shipping Integration

Balanita can create your own shipping rates according to the conditions with the help of its advanced shipping module integration. This feature would help you to be flexible in what you want to charge to whom.

We create you the facility to design your own table rate shipping based on the conditions. To give more idea, for example, you can use some conditions like ‘weight’, ‘volume’, ‘country’, ‘state’ to create your table shipping rate.

Possible shipping scenarios:

  • Shipping rates based on cart weight
  • Shipping rates based on cart total
  • Adding handling or insurance costs above a certain value
  • Creating cash on delivery shipping method with additional cost based on conditions
  • Setting different shipping rates for different shipping classes
  • Disable shipping method in the condition when a rule is matched in the cart
  • Adding cost for order and per product


  • Create multiple shipping methods
  • Setting shipping rates based on conditions
  • No need for coding
  • Easy to use
  • Conditional logic
  • Setting shipping rate per country/ state/ city/ zip
  • Pricing based on the volume
  • Setting table shipping rate
  • Unlimited shipping methods


Hosting is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. It is being so, because of the necessity to find the most appropriate hosting company with the matching of exact business requirements. We partner you a tier hosting company to offer a dedicated and suitable private cloud environment.

We tend to keep a good relationship with the hosting company on your behalf to manage all the essential aspects of your E-commerce well.

  • It is usual that most of the hosting companies try to put the burden of the problem in the pocket of software companies or implementer. We ensure to create immediate remedies for the arising issues and manage the essential aspects of your E-commerce
  • No worries about the monthly charges because your hosting costs are included in your quoted costs.

Site Support

Balanita does not stop its service just only with E-commerce platform. We understand that E-commerce is one piece of the online business.

We are always available to provide assistance for our clients to maximize their use of our platform across the web, mobile and social channels. It brings you new opportunities and possibilities in online business where we are with you to support your operations. Our support will increase parallel to your business growth.

  • Once you are operational, our account managers will assist you to find new avenues for the growth of your online business
  • You don’t need to worry about the critical commerce operations. Our dedicated support center team will there by you to ensure those operations are running smoothly, securely and reliably

Site Monitoring

Monitoring a site is very essential to rectify any business related issues immediately. It also helps to find a way for further improvement and development in the business.

Continuous monitoring of a site is useful to face the real time opportunities simply and ensures that your business is moving forward.

  • Continuous monitoring of your site will be taken over by our hosting partners. So, no drops in accessibility will appear and it makes sure that any hosting issues are resolved on the spot
  • Monitoring facilitates to check all the operations in your business are running at the right speed with the right content and ensures core functionality
  • We also observe and explore trends and traffic patterns to be able to report back with solid figures and improvements

Online marketing

The success of an E-commerce website can’t be achieved only with the attractive design. The technology and the method used to market the business also play a vital role in bringing out success for a business. Our way of approach is to devise holistic online strategies leading to the success. Our support will be there to transform your turnover, conversion and retention.

Our online strategies are prepared around tested marketing practices including SEO, PPC, affiliate windows, email targeting and social media. We always check the success of these channels to your business and assist you continuously finding opportunities to gain advantage from advancing technology.

We offer the following services to support your E-commerce venture:

  • Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Advertising


Everything in online world is changing time to time. So, we share our knowledge and expertise with our clients from the beginning to post launch of the site.

We train our clients to use our platform properly in such a way it can ultimately lead to their online success. We uplift the skills among the clients to make everything possible in their online business.

  • To the point training programs – All our training programs are up-to-date and can be delivered time to time because we try hard to move and learn quickly and parallel to the tech climate
  • We empower the clients to set up and run promotions from the first day of the launch. We encourage to be confident in our platform and train how to use the available tools methodically
  • We provide training in how to use the system in a better way to manage and dispatch orders. Each and every one in your team will be trained according to their roles and responsibilities in your business. So, it facilitates your entire team to work together and smoothly
  • We also provide customized training programs according to your needs. It may be related to learn how to use your website or deal with your specific data or use our platform to your unique advantage. We are ready to launch a perfect program for you


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