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Of course we can! We specialize in developing custom e-commerce websites that meet your specific needs and we’ve been doing it for over 9 years. Your company will work with our in-house experienced designers and programming experts as we develop a site to match your goals and expectations. We design your ecommerce solution to the final stage and we make sure that you are 100{bf60a0cc6597f1497ab22ba693cd2133e3a1adf61a8e489af143ec031350903d} satisfied.

Our ecommerce developers are experts in the responsive web design and has developed using responsive web design technology for years. With mobile web sales growing very fast, we know that – it is more important now than ever before to have a mobile optimized eCommerce website. And also we do recommend responsive development to all our websites and our clients.

All of our e-commerce websites use 128-bit encryption via an SSL, which is the standard in website security. This encryption allows information to be passed through the website in a code that cannot be read by anyone, even if intercepted. All website are developed using the latest in PCI compliance standards. We recommend not storing credit cards on server or in the eCommerce site. Using a 3rd party payment gateway the ecommerce website can process payment without storing the sensitive card data.

We have an in-house expert marketing team specialist in both organic search marketing and paid search marketing campaigns. To learn more about our marketing services visit our search marketing page. We report in detail each month the success of your marketing campaign and have personal meetings or calls multiple times throughout the month to improve the marketing.

Each eCommerce website we build has our standard SEO work in place and the website is built “Search Engine friendly”. This means we always do our best while development to create the SEO foundation for the website. We do recommend an ongoing SEO plan to achieve the best results for competitive keywords.

Redesigning an eCommerce websites is one of our specialties. There are many important aspects of a redesign to take into consideration when beginning the redesign project. From retaining search engine rankings to developing custom functionality that makes running your business easier, we can walk you through the options and develop a plan to make the website a success.

Yes, we’ve recently brought to market simplified eCommerce packages, allowing us to help start-ups and small eCommerce business get going. These websites still offer the same powerful ecommerce CMS. Ask an Balanita representative about simplified eCommerce solutions and we would be happy to help you.

Over the last 9 years we have worked with 20+ ERP and CRM tools, integrating eCommerce websites and sales order data. A typical basic integration allows customer and order data to automatically be transferred from the website to your ERP / CRM system. When updates are made to a customer or order, your ERP or CRM can communicate back with the website and update the website data. Having these type of processes allows your customers to have a better customer service experience and cuts down on manual data entry for your business.

Web Designing & Web Development

Yes, Of course. When we begin to design a website we start with a blank white screen and design with your brand in mind.

We will not only design your website, we always help market your website to the world. We design your site with search engine optimization in mind. This means more people will find your website by search engines and your website will receive more visitors every day. We can also work with you to create a paid online marketing campaign. For information view our search engine optimization (SEO) details page.

Yes, our experienced web designers use responsive website design. we always optimize your website to display on all devices, no matter what the screen resolution is.

Our experts designers team will guide you through the process and work with you hand-in-hand during development. If you’d like to talk to your designer or programmer, you can. With Balanita you’ll receive a better personal experience.

Though site construction times vary, once we have all of your provided information, we’ll agree on a schedule and stick to it. In fact, project deadlines are written into every proposal.

Balanita uses multiple platforms and content management systems, from in-house custom developed solutions to 3rd party applications. We will discuss your options and talk over the benefits in each.

Let’s talk! You can either fill out our website design estimate or give us a call at +94113036763. Let us know you are ready to get started or would like more information. We’ll take it from there.

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