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Assist your employees to connect and get work done from anywhere on any device!

Are you looking for a system that manages all your office works and employees?

You are in the right place. Contact our consultant to get to know how you can use Balanita.WORK to get more productive output while your employees work from home.

Balanita.WORK - Office Automation for Work from Home

Effective remote communication, a focus on job completion, and the ability to maintain connections remotely are all essential personal competencies for managers. Working on these skills will result in a noticeable increase in efficiency and other benefits of working from home.

Balanita.WORK will help you to manage all your works, tasks and employee time stamps.

Project Management

Task Management

Time Tracking

Milestone Tracking

Gantt Chart

Human Resource

Employee Management

Attendance Tracking

Leaves Management



Lead Management

Client Portal

Client Management

Finance Management

Invoices & Estimates

Expenses Tracking


Payment Gateway



Time log


Income vs Expense

Leaves & Attendance

Other Features

Support Tickets

Notice Board

Amazon S3 Integration

Slack Integration

Balanita.WORK - Office Automation System

Built for business & Industries like yours

Construction Business

A Low-Cost Alternative to Expensive Construction Work Management Software

Event Planning

the features you need to plan every aspect of your event.

Information Technology

Perfect for global projects and remote teams, with complete management visibility.

Non Profit

Plan your projects. Keep track of the results. Help the Cause.


Marketing Divisions Increase Your Productivity Through Lead Management

Professional Services

We have you covered with tools for planning and tracking progress.

Other Industries

Real Estate Bueinss









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