Balanita Student Management Information System

Balanita provides you a complete application that can be used to handle the entire administration of your school or institute easily and effortlessly. Our services through a well-organized management system cover from elementary to international schools, colleges and institutes. It can connect teachers, students and parents together on cloud.

Balanita Student Information Management System

Balanita School Management System is well renowned in facing everyday complex school operations in a smooth way. Balanita has succeeded with ample number of customers who have been using Balanita School Management System for the sake of all management, administration and education related activities all over the world. We ensure that you can easily manage processes and operations related to teachers, students, employees and courses through our Balanita Information Management System. The functional efficiency of Balanita Management Software System is broadly used by different institutions including:-

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User Modules of School Management System

Students User Module

The processes and operations of all the students can be managed here. Each and every student in your school will be offered with separate IDs to login to the system to gather details directly. This facilitates to keep separate page for each and every student in your school where you can get the complete record of a student including personal details, mail address, details on last fee payment, attendance sheet and many more.

Parents User Module

It is basically designed focussing on what parents can expect or what they look for. We are damn sure that this will assist the parents who really don’t have enough time to visit the school but very much focussed on their child’s education. Being in whatever the place, they could access into the account and could able to know about their children’s attendance, performance, extra-curricular activities etc.

Teachers User Module

This is mainly identified as the most important part in Balantina Management Software System as it consists of crucial operations including creation of schedules, releasing examination details, report submission, forums etc. Teachers in the school can access into their account in order to get the most updated reports and performance of students. They can deal with the parents too. So, it will reduce their burden as much as possible.

Admin User Module

It is the core point in Balanita Management Software System as it takes over overall power of the system. This is developed in such a way to manage and administer the whole system with utmost concern and care. We create a fine way to communicate with the school community and beyond who are connected with the school directly or indirectly. We ensure you that it will be the best way to manage all information properly.

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Some Awesome Features

Admission Management

It creates a way for the user to handle and manage admission related activities including student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, issuing and transferring certificates etc.

Student Management

It facilitates tracking the attendance of students and other staff in a school and can create an attendance report individually/ class-wise/ group-wise/ staff-wise.

Attendance Management

This system is very much transparent and gives you control over accounting processes. You can get all financial reports in few clicks (fee paid, salary credited to staff etc).

Accounting Solution

This system is very much transparent and gives you control over accounting processes. You can get all financial reports in few clicks (fee paid, salary credited to staff etc).

Time Table Management

It is very helpful to create, maintain and update time tables of students and staff. You can get the report of student and teachers and send SMS reminders whenever required.

Teacher Management

This system facilitates to manage all activities related to the teachers including salary payment, leave circulation, student-parent meetings and many others.

Fee Management

It provides control over fee related activities. It gives full report on fee management including fee collection. Discount offered, due reports, paid reports etc.

Send SMS

This system makes so comfortable to send a single or bulk SMS on a specific day and time through auto-SMS tool. It helps to send SMS to parents about their children.

Transportation Management

It provides a complete solution for transport related things. You can get details on routes, trips, fee received etc. You can get details on fuel and other expenditure also.

Housing & Hostel Management

It gives you all details about the hostel including the name list, number of students or staff accommodated in hostel and reduces the time and effort wasting on writing records.

Parent Management

It helps the parents a lot to know about the activities and performance of their children in school. It provides details on parent-student meetings also.

Exam Management

It helps to generate exam schedule within short period of time. It will help to create reports on exams conducted and send the results to students and parents.

Payroll Management

This feature helps you to track everything related to payrolls. You can generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid/unpaid TDS, PFs etc using this feature.

Library Management

It consists of all records of books arrived or books suggested by the students or teachers. It is designed with options like ‘search books’/ ‘book reminders’.


The outcome of any product is very vital as it relates to the user. Balanita School Software creates the outline of all modules in the form of reports.

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